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Eclips is family!  We work as a team to create a welcoming environment while offering the highest level of standards to our guests. We provide growth for stylists thru accountability and shared purpose. Eclips stands for fun with a giving and grateful attitude.

Apprenticeship Program


Become a VA licensed cosmetologist.  We offer a comprehensive program and work along with the state of VA to train future stylists in the industry. It is our commitment that every one of our apprentices graduates with not only high-level technical skills, business building skills, and a great guest service practice. We are considered an educating salon and love to offer this to anyone interested in becoming a stylist. 


Associate Program


Are you new out of cosmetology school or almost finished? We offer a "Master's Degree” Program. We work with stylists to learn the “real” salon world. We train you to take your skills to the next level while doing hair throughout it. We are always looking for potential associates with passion and eagerness to grow to join our team.


Front Desk Team

Our our front desk team is responsible for maintaining the salon front of the house. This includes first and foremost, giving our clientele a seamless, friendly experience both in person and on the phone. You will be thoroughly trained to offer our guests additional service opportunities and at-home care.


"It is my happy place, as I like to call it! Eclips is my second family. The energy from the second you walk in the door to the second you step out is AMAZING. I am truly blessed to work for such an outstanding company."

We would love for you to join our team. Please email us at

- Mallory Martin


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